Explaindio 2022 Tutorials

Case Study: How she used Explaindio app to win the TOP ClickFunnels video award from Russell Brunson.

How To Get Started

How To Save Your Project

How To Open Your Project

How To Import TTF Fonts Or Custom Fonts

How To Create A Backup And Restore Project From Backup

How To Add An Image, Add Text - Use Sketch Feature on Text And Image

How To Add A Video - Creating A Video Slide

How To Add Effect & Animation To Image, Video & Text, Add Paper And Watch Scene Preview - Create Professional Animated Slide

How To Add Transparent Background Image, Add Logo, Add Slide Background - Create Professional Animated Slide

How To Sync Effects, Create Watermark Using Transparency And Add Custom Pen

How To Add And Customize Animated Slides And 3D Objects

How To Add Transitions

How To Preview And Export Your Video

How To Add Sub-User Under Agency Account

Additional Tutorials (Common Features for Explaindio 4 & Previous Versions)

Timeline Overview

Scene Editor Overview

How To Undo Redo

How To Add GIF

How To Add Text

How To Add Audio

How To Add Animations

Advanced Animations

How To Add Content To Existing Scene

How To Add 3D Models

How To Use Morph Effect

How To Customize Pre-done Animated Scenes

How To Add Handsync

How To Add Watermark

How To Change Language

How To Access Support

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